Police IDs and weapons of Mubarak’s thugs or plainclothes police – Egypt

Reports say that plainclothes police officers and snipers have launched a crackdown on millions of anti-government protesters in central Cairo.

This comes as anti-government demonstrators are gathering in Liberation Square as protests against embattled President Hosni Mubarak continue for an eleventh consecutive day.

Latest reports, however, say there are running street battles between protesters and security forces in some areas in Cairo.

At least 30 protesters have been arrested, reports say.

Two French journalists have been missing in Cairo for the last 24 hours and an Egyptian journalist has been killed.

Millions of Egyptian protesters have vowed to stay at Cairo’s Liberation Square until Mubarak relinquishes power.

They have dubbed Friday the ‘Day of Departure,’ saying the massive rallies aim to force Mubarak out.

Similar demonstrations are being held in Alexandria, Suez, Aswan and Mansoura.

Opposition leaders have called for a week of protests against Mubarak, having named it the Week of Resolution.

Arab League Chief Amr Moussa and Egypt’s Defense Minister Hussein Tantawi visited anti-government demonstrators at Liberation Square.

Friday’s demonstration was largely peaceful compared to the demonstrations over the last two days.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Friday that the recent developments in North Africa are the result of the “Islamic awakening, which followed the great [Islamic] Revolution of the Iranian nation.”

The Leader also described Mubarak as the “lackey of the Zionist regime [of Israel].”


يوم الغضب ثورة الشعب المصرى مظاهرات عارمه فى ارجاء مصر مطالبه بأزله النظام الفاشى الديكتاتورى
العسكرى لمبارك محمد حسنى مبارك الغاصب الطاغيه عميل الامريكان والاسرائيليين
يجب على الشعب العربى كله الوقوف ضد الظلم هذا اليوم الذى وقع فيه الكثير من ابنائنا وكان يطلق علينا الرصاص الحى والرصاصى المطاطى المحرم دوليا ولكن هيهات لهذا النظام وزبانيته حبيب العدلى والدخليه الكلاب وكلاب آمن الدوله الذين كانوا يطلقون عىل الناس الرصاص من فوق اسطح المبانى والمتظاهرين يقعون ولا احد من مجيب وكانوا يطلقون من رصاصات قناصه ورصاصت ال 9 مم وال 15 مم القاتلتين مذابح ومجازر بحق الانسانيه والحريه والديموقراطيه للوقوف ضد نظام طاغيه فاشى غاص

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