Time to build , rebuild but also for Black listing

Milit Officer Crying after getting orders to Ignore the thugs and secret police who attacking the protesters

After days of protesting , and moving from and too places of actions time to get some rest , well the first victory is done … Celebrations are almost over .. but still too much to do … and many ways to go ..

First let us declare something out :

– Jan 25 : was the first real action for me and real protesting , i knew something was different .

– i realize at Jan 28 we are at massive war and the regime will hit more and more , as Mubarak’s military training and thinking will strike in our weakness , in waves as he will never surrender quietly or run away as Ben Ali . but it was too late to give up .

-Since i carried some babies whom were suffocating from gas police and secret police lunched at their home , and handle a 9 years old baby who died , i believed i will get back his revenge .

– Yet at Tahrir square i knew , what is the real meaning of begin Egyptian , knew and talked with very strong people men / women , from many socioeconomic levels , but we all believed in the same values …. we always wanted the same thing , but that was our first announce and meeting ..

-So Its time for cleaning and building yes , but we don’t forget and quite surly we don’t forgive so its also time for black listing for whom stand against us of the media and press ( propaganda ) personals , whom used as weapons against us , also for who stole us of the corrupted ugly greedy businessmen , and of course for the corrupted sadistic officers either for the secret police , or the police ..

But also we don’t forget the honorable officers whom stand against orders and refused to hit us , we can’t forget whom refused orders to released the criminal and thugs from the prisons especially in my home town ” Mansoura ” and stand up to guard the prison instead of their soldiers , i am honored to know 2 of them ….

Also i can’t forget to be grateful for the army who stand by our side , and now he has to take care of the country as to protect it as well …

It’s time for building , fixing , reconstructing but also a time for the black list ..

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