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Police shot to kill :Egyptian protesters -Egypt

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Police IDs and weapons of Mubarak’s thugs or plainclothes police – Egypt

Reports say that plainclothes police officers and snipers have launched a crackdown on millions of anti-government protesters in central Cairo. This comes as anti-government demonstrators are gathering in Liberation Square as protests against embattled President Hosni Mubarak continue for an … Continue reading

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Egyptian protesters got ran over by the Mubarak the thug

fAt the beginning, people we chanting “Selmeya, Selmeya” = ‘Peaceful, Peaceful” and “Yasqot Yasqot Hosni Mubarak” = “Down down Hosni Mubarak”… and then, this happens! Some people are calling for retreating and stopping the revolution; There is a description for … Continue reading

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