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Egypt : Another police car ran over protesters

happened : in Mahalaha city …. 25 jan

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Police shot to kill :Egyptian protesters -Egypt

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Police IDs and weapons of Mubarak’s thugs or plainclothes police – Egypt

Reports say that plainclothes police officers and snipers have launched a crackdown on millions of anti-government protesters in central Cairo. This comes as anti-government demonstrators are gathering in Liberation Square as protests against embattled President Hosni Mubarak continue for an … Continue reading

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Egyptian protesters got ran over by the Mubarak the thug

fAt the beginning, people we chanting “Selmeya, Selmeya” = ‘Peaceful, Peaceful” and “Yasqot Yasqot Hosni Mubarak” = “Down down Hosni Mubarak”… and then, this happens! Some people are calling for retreating and stopping the revolution; There is a description for … Continue reading

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The Egyptian Government Dont Want You To See This

This is what the Egyptian Government Does Not Want The World To See. This is why the Internet Has been blocked throughout Egypt

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Asmaa Mahfouz mirror of 3 vlog post that helped Spark the Revolution in Egypt

from: iyadelbaghdadi’s Channel (the world thanks you for your hard work)… (please visit their Channel to support their work.) {also found this: Asmaa Mahfouz, Organizer of Egypt Demonstrations, Talks on TV:… } This is a collection of Asmaa … Continue reading

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Translated Escaped prisoner admitting police let them out and gave them weapons

ace covered per requests Special Thanks to ahasanen87 for quickly translating this for us! Thug admitting police let them out and gave them weapons. 1. Speaker: Tell us your story with the interior*. (*Ministry of Interior, in reference to police … Continue reading

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Police thugs killing peaceful non-armed protester with live ammo in Alexandria

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Egypt Protesters and How Mubarak the Nazi treat them : protesters=victims

Happened in Cairo Happened In Sinia The diplomatic car that ran over 20 people in cairo (28th-Jan-2011)

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Mubarak’s thugs are paid to attack the protesters a confession

أحد بلطجية مبارك يعترف أن الداخلية أخرجته من السجن وأعطته 5000 جنيها مقابل الهتاف باسم مبارك، وضرب وقتل شباب الثورة المصري في ميدان التحرير، مبارك يدافع عن بقائه بقتل المصرين One of the thugs admits that security forces got him … Continue reading

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