First Freedom moments , Tahrir square and in streets

First Freedom moments , Tahrir square and in streets

I was just finishing my praying , trying to walk out of the crowds , as i am not used to crowds , it takes more than 20 minutes to walk through all those people to get to calm place , to get rest , eat or lay down … but as am still stuck , i herd the people chanting , and screaming ” HE IS GONE ” , “Allah Akbar” , ” We Won ” , Some starting signing , but soon as one of the old famous songs came up , we all starting repeating after it , all in one voice ..

Some were crying , personally i cried too , i could not believe that yet , i tried to confirm many times though the phone but phones network were busy , but i don’t need to confirm , cause WE ALREADY are celebrating our victory .

Celebration , started alone , i thought the real celebration will be out there , at the streets , especially from the people who didn’t join us at the first day , and from whom are manipulated to believe we will never win , and of course from those who started to doubt our revolution ..

I went out of the crazy crowds , when i was trying to get i found myself standing face to face with mother of the one of the martyrs , she was happy singing with the crowds , her eyes were full of tears but she were singing , i could not find any words except ” Thank you mam , Thank you you are the first hero in here ” , she locked at me back and said the last thing i never expected ” NO , You could take the bullet too instead of my son , you are all heroes ” … My tears started to come out .

In my way to the streets , People still gathering at ” Kasr Al-neel bridge ” , that famous bridge with lions in Cairo , PEOPLE are more there , the celebration is not just in Tahrir square its all over Egypt , young men standing on the head of the lions , the crowds are MORE massive out side , and at the bridge , cars went crazy honking their horns in celebration, people expressed their happiness with their car horns , as people were expressing their happiness using whatever they can . Crowds still massive , i need to get to the real streets ….

Soon as i got to the real streets , the people are still coming toward the Tahrir square to celebrate , people who were in Tahrir square and get out as me were saying ” rise your head , you are Egyptian ” , people repeat after them . still too many people coming in waves to Tahrir square …

Soon as i cross over the Bridge at the other side too , i walk down to the street , and seen the incoming cars , the people were looking at me , and salute me , don’t know why at first , but one of them said ” Welcome home champ ” a women in a car were saying ” Thank you hero ” , am not hero , after few moments i knew why , my bad , my exhausting dirty look suggests that i was in Tahrir square , as my back bag i dress it in-front of my chest to protect my netbook i used to communicate ..So people know that i was in Tahrir and just came out …

I kept walking , to reach ” Lebanon Square ” as i decided to go to their walking , people are still coming on foot and in cars and the streets are crowded too , i walk in the middle like victorious rising my both hands as victory sign .. PEOPLE focused on me , keep saluting me . Well THIS IS the real gift ….. this is the real outcome .

Well i was not in Tahrir square all this time , but i was in the streets since Jan 25 , i lost 2 of my friends as i held and treated babies who were suffocated from gas , i never lost faith or withdraw or doubt about us …

Minutes later i got call from my friend whom i met in the very first day , he told me ” Mansoura ” my home town ” went crazy and streets are celebrating the victory ” …

I kept walking , for more than an hour , people are less cars are less m but still saluting me and someone else who were going back home from Tahrir with 2 back-bags one on his chest the other on his back , with victory signs we kept walking , few minuets later i asked him ” how long ” , ” he said : 11 days , now i am going home to my mother ” , well this is the real hero , 11 days staying in Tahrir square i knew some hid , some ran away , but he lived there , i rise his hand as a boxer who just won , and tried to be get one of his bags off him to carry with him ” were too loaded and heavy ” but he refused … We walked together ….. now some people are screaming ” Those are Tahrir guys ” and keep saluting us … WELL This is was OUR REAL Celebration ….

After sometime walking on the streets and after , that real hero goes home i felt tired of walking i decide to go back to my second home ” Tahrir square ” , i took the subway “ Boohoth station “, it was crowded too , people coming from and to Tahrir square , they said it’s the last ” Metro ” but it was 8;15 pm . in the subway some were crying yet , some are celebrating , waiting the last ” Metro ” to Opera station which beside ” Tahrir square ” a Metro horn’s voice is coming through the tunnel , is the driver celebrating using his Metro’s horn , Wow , the driver didn’t stop honking ….

I arrived to the station and on the earth i was shocked , about the numbers , the people still gathering ……

I walked to Tahrir square , no look-up now , no ID check as there is no fear anymore of Mubarak’s thugs or the secret police , as the Regime is out …. In the Tahrir square the people were still celebrating … i picked quite spot to open my netbook , and connect to the Internet to see what’s going out , and how the people outside received our freedom news …

Many emails , saying ” Congratulations , for your freedom ” , most of those emails comes from Europe , USA , Asia and with particular country Turkey ..

My Friend Jason White , who was supporting us , translating , making video and podcasts , about what’s going on , called me in the subway more than n hour ago saying ” Congratulations , i am so happy for you ” chat with me , along with many other friends , especially anonymous group were so happy and excited .. My friend “ Nasser Alkhateeb “ called me from Australia to congratulate me .. well this was the best emotional call i got in this day … My father called minuets later , he was crying … he was so happy … so as my mother ….

News revealed people are happy in islamic and arabic worlds , i could not get what is that mean until i received an offline message from Salahudeen he is young activist programmer from Bangladesh saying ” WE ARE ALL HAPPY in Bangladesh , THANK YOU and Congratulations ” , So as Younes Rahman my friend from India . Joan canning , Roy from “ Outland Community “ at USA , thank you for your support , and spreading our words to the media and your local communities . Special thanks to my friend , Darren who created the map of “ “ as he knew i will prefer protesting than coding .. THANK you all

To Adem Marmekaya , Akf Emrea , Sinan Ata from Turkey , Thank you …… Alim bay from Ukraine .

To my friend Bartalan Mesko “ “ from Hungry , Thank you ..

Well this made me happy more than ever ….

You may be wondering what’s next ?

Well it’s simple , the last part of getting our freedom as i see it me and my activists friends we will prosecute them all , we will not let them get away with what they did to us , to our Egypt .. me and my friend decided to not go down or calm but we will hunt them down in court room , we will protest peacefully and never give up , will never give up hope , and hey a message for whom is coming next , WE KNOW THE WAY and we are NOT AFRAID ANYMORE !

Thank you all , my friends no my family overseas , for supporting , protesting , writing , publishing and spreading our words .

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