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Police shot to kill :Egyptian protesters -Egypt

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The Egyptian Government Dont Want You To See This

This is what the Egyptian Government Does Not Want The World To See. This is why the Internet Has been blocked throughout Egypt

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Translated Escaped prisoner admitting police let them out and gave them weapons

ace covered per requests Special Thanks to ahasanen87 for quickly translating this for us! Thug admitting police let them out and gave them weapons. 1. Speaker: Tell us your story with the interior*. (*Ministry of Interior, in reference to police … Continue reading

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Interview with Dr.Hamza Mousa – Egypt

Source : FreedomWar.Org 02/06/2011 02:12a ***** PRESS RELEASE ***** ***** FIRST HAND ACCOUNT FROM EGYPT ***** ***** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ***** INTERVIEW WITH DR. HAMZA MOUSA What are the main factors that lead the people of Egypt to rise together … Continue reading

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