Translated Escaped prisoner admitting police let them out and gave them weapons

ace covered per requests
Special Thanks to ahasanen87 for quickly translating this for us!

Thug admitting police let them out and gave them weapons.


Speaker: Tell us your story with the interior*. (*Ministry of Interior, in reference to police forces)

Prisoner: Before all the events of Tuesday, the interior took away all televisions & telephones in prison, they would spy over prisoners to find out if any of them has any radios so they take them away as well. And after that they started preparing us that we are going to leave. (Did not say it explicitly)


Prisoner: Afterwards, they told us take these cars, and get out of here, the country is yours. Whomever you want to kill, kill. Whatever you want to do, do. That’s it.

Speaker: And they gave you cars and weapons?

Prisoner: Yeah. But those thugs and others who don’t care about their lives took weapons, but people like me did not take any weapons.

Military officer: Why did you not take any weapons?

Prisoner: No. Why would I? What do with it? Go kill my brother, someone like me?


Speaker & military officer: Why were you there? Which prison were you in?

Prionser: Abu Za’bal Prison.

Speaker: For how long have you been out?

Prisoner: I ran off yesterday, and surrendered today.

Speaker: So the interior were the ones who gave you weapons and cars?

Prisoner: Yes. Yes.

Speaker: And they told you to get out, destroy, break, rob, and do all you please?


Prisoner: Yes. Yes. The Azbakeya & Khalifa police stations, on Friday, let out their jailed to beat up civilians. Some of those prisoners followed orders, others did not want to and just left.

Speaker: Left to where?

Prisoner: Some went home, here or there. Some of them went to stand by the police. Others went home, and did not want to beat up civilians, who are just like their families. “May be my brother is among those civilians. Would I beat up my brother?”


Prisoner: El Khalifa, Imbaba & El-Warra2 are the police stations that did that.

Prisoner: El-Matareyya station, before it was put on fire, they let out prisoners.

Speaker: Who let them out?

Prisoner: Police. The officers. And you have the Matareyya people/prisoners here, ask them. If I am mistaken, punish me.

Speaker: No I want to listen to you. So now Abu Za’bal prison (a huge prison) is empty?

Prionser: Completely empty.

Speaker: And the interior are the ones who let you out?


Prisoner: Yes. The only prison still under control, by the military, is El-Marg prison.

Speaker: So the interior let you out for sure? And gave you weapons and cars?

Prisoner: Yes. Yes. They said here are some weapons. Here are the storages.

Speaker: Oh! They also told you were ammunition storages were too?

Prisoner: Yes.

Military officer: Why did they do that?

Speaker: So we go out in the city, destroy and rob everything.


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