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Egypt : January 25 /Jan 25 : Police reactions to the protesters – Victims

Egypt : January 25 /Jan 25 : Police reactions to the protesters – Victims  

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Interview with Dr.Hamza Mousa – Egypt

Source : FreedomWar.Org 02/06/2011 02:12a ***** PRESS RELEASE ***** ***** FIRST HAND ACCOUNT FROM EGYPT ***** ***** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ***** INTERVIEW WITH DR. HAMZA MOUSA What are the main factors that lead the people of Egypt to rise together … Continue reading

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Police thugs killing peaceful non-armed protester with live ammo in Alexandria

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Protester and Victim of Egyptian Police in Jan 25 protest

Name : Moustafa Samier Alsawey , Killed by police in Jan 28 مصطفى سمير الصاوى : استشهد يوم الجمعه 28 يناير

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The protesters in Tahrir square are those Pro-Islamists ?

Egyptian gov almost finished their lies 😀

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Interview about Egypt Uprising

What are the main factors lead Egyptian people to uprise against the government? well the main factor as i see from most of my contacts who have different political views : we agreed that we have to stand up against … Continue reading

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Egypt Protesters and How Mubarak the Nazi treat them : protesters=victims

Happened in Cairo Happened In Sinia The diplomatic car that ran over 20 people in cairo (28th-Jan-2011)

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Official Egyptian Press : Claim all Foreigners as Spies

Official Egyptian Media”Newspaper/TV”are saying lies to make the thugs and people attack foreigners and press as spies #jan25 #tahrir #egypt

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Egypt Revolution Cartoon by Carlos Latuff

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Mubarak’s thugs are paid to attack the protesters a confession

أحد بلطجية مبارك يعترف أن الداخلية أخرجته من السجن وأعطته 5000 جنيها مقابل الهتاف باسم مبارك، وضرب وقتل شباب الثورة المصري في ميدان التحرير، مبارك يدافع عن بقائه بقتل المصرين One of the thugs admits that security forces got him … Continue reading

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