Interview about Egypt Uprising

Secret Police is Using Camels and Horses after they dress as civilians

Secret Police is Using Camels and Horses after they dress as civilians

What are the main factors lead Egyptian people to uprise against the government?
well the main factor as i see from most of my contacts who have different political views : we agreed that we have to stand up against Mubark regime as he is one of the main cause Egypt sickness as they treat us like enemy in our own country with its police and root cause of corruption . As after the last election most of the people realize this regime which fake election for their own men and used thugs and police to terrorize and scare the people off , made most of us believe that there is no peace with this regime , and our dignity , freedom .

What are the main mottos of this uprising?
There are many mottos most of them are saying :
“ Mubarak You must Go “ ,
“ Husni Mubarak , you Coward , our blood is not cheap “ ,
“ What Husni Mubarak wants ? , He wants us the people to kiss his foot , No Mubarak we will not , Tomorrow we will step over you “ ,
“ Mrs Mubarak ( Susan ) Tell Mubarak the Meat is more than 100 L.E “
“ Mubarak You will go out , Not us , we staying here “
“ We is our money , you thief “

Can you please inform us about the current situation. What is happening in Egypt right now?
First of all what is happening is simply a War against the peaceful protesters , Mubarak’s regime is step back after they withdraw their police the last Friday “ Jan 28 “ , It starting to use its official media ( TV / Newspapers ) with power of some private TVs , as weapons to manipulate the people , as they used their party men in cities and town to recruit thugs using money and lies to attack the protesters and scare them away to their homes as it uses propaganda as well to spread roamers all over the country in order to terrorize the people with fear of thugs , thieves and criminals ( who released them from prisons – more than 17.000 criminal released by secret police on Friday jan 28 ) . Mubarak’s thugs started first to organize in protests saying “ Yes Mubarak “ and they were armed with knives , swords then they tried to engaged us as anti-Mubarak protesters all over the country .

On the other hand secret police are dressed like civilians and try to infiltrate our protests along with some of their thugs who have criminal records in my city we arrest some and deliver them to the military , later we herd , the secret police we deliver to the military possession they released and return to their homes .

Mubarak’s is an army man , so he re-organize his groups to attack again , using many different weapons and techniques to attack the real core of our Intifada “ Revelation “ He withdraw all official police and secret police from street soon as they did`t stop our waves on Friday Jan 28, and resend them as militia along with power of thugs and criminals who are released from prisons . He is using armed militia all over the country to make our peaceful revolution looks more like chaos , which lead many people starting to have doubt about the real activists in Tahrir square , and starting to questioning themselves to support us or not . Mubarak is trying to divide the people by terrorizing them with chaos and pushing them with limitation of resources to stand a side between us “ anti-Mubrak’s regime “ protesters and his own militia to start to destroy us .

The roads to Cairo are closed with Mubarak’s thugs , as most of Cairo main streets now are with check points of thugs as they search for IDs , and take foods / medicine as terrorize the people to not join the protesters in Tahrir square .

Egyptian official gov. media are playing dirty game against the journalists along with the foreigners as they announced repeatedly that most of the people in Tahrir square are leaded by external people , some thugs is starting to attack the journalists and press personals and starting to say most of the people in Tahrir square are not Egyptians , which is the same impression delivered to them by official Egyptian press and media .

There are some discussions and arguments on the components of this protests. Some journalists talk on Muslim Brothers and some emphasize !
The Mubarak’s regime try to scare the people off as they call the uprising as “ Muslim Brothers Move “ , but as i see for myself in Tahrir square , there are many christens , many non devoted Muslims as i see many women with no head scurf , and Egyptian actors , and famous singers , Egyptian personals who are know as they Anti-Muslim brotherhood , those people are locked in Tahrir demanding Mubarak regime to leave before Muslim brothers . Its Public People Move with variation of different backgrounds and political views along with very variable socioeconomic backgrounds .

The youth or the middle class. What is the real structure or fragmentation of the participants of the protest ?
Well first call for to start the protest was from a group of non-political youth group which created virtually to memorize a young man killed by police in Alexanderia ( at the north of Egypt ) , first day Jan 25 , i attended to Cairo to join there , i notice most of the people are trying to get to Tahrir square for the first protest , are from different backgrounds and ages , This day was quit unforgettable , i shocked when i saw many girls and women , at the same day i back to my home town i were surprised to know few thousands of activists and non activists joined together for the protest till the police started hitting them to chase some of them away and arrest many .
Soon as we crack down the brutal police on Friday i started to check out our gather , many are youth people , but there are aged people too over 60s , many doctors , teachers , engineers , students collage and school students , many political parties have joined us , as well as collage professors , not to mention housewives who never participate in any public protest before . Also soon as we crack down Mubarak’s police who tried to crack the people will and break our protest and the situation became quite safe some are get their families : wives , sons , daughters , sisters and mother to our protest .

What is the ultimate aim of this protests? To overthrow Mubarak and his companions or a total regime change?
Total regime change . as we believe all regime involve corrupted people who are involved in crimes against the people and the country .

State press accuse the protesters to move in corporation with the foreign powers. What can be said to these claims?
Well , its impossible to put christens , Muslims , artists , intellectual people , very poor people , teachers , doctors , engineers , artists , actors all together as to be controlled by foreign power . After all the variation of the protesters decline this stupid claims of the official Egyptian press media . Those are people from different backgrounds , political views , variable socioeconomic backgrounds , opinions and believes not to mention different age groups joined together under one aim to take down Mubarak’s regime .

What kind of an Egypt could satisfy the protesters?
Egypt with Freedom , with respect of faith , believes , with no secret police , with no emergency law and of course with no thugs and no Mubarak and his gangs . Egypt that can we say our opinion freely , with no fear of begin arrested , tortured and locked in prison . Free Egypt is what will satisfy the protesters , Free of fear , police authorities torture , Free of media that lie to us day after day convincing us “ we are ok and we are good “ . Healthy Egypt of the corruption sickness we are suffering from at all government and services facilities .

We all watch the events and dramatic scenes on tv. What kind of details could you give that we couldn’t get from medias?
Feelings : our feelings , at this time , as i saw and still seeing in our protest either in my city or in Tahrir square in Cairo , everyone is smiling , everyone is happy , may be because we finally stand up and said “ NO , its Enough , Get the Hell out Mubarak “ or may be because we saw our true selves and realize that we have to stick together to work after Mubarak and his gangs split us to parts all over those years … at Tahrir square , i witness strange feeling when we “ Muslim are praying “ and Christan’s are protecting us , i tested that at Cairo myself on the first Tuesday . In Tahrir Square i remember no one reported he is stolen , and not a single girl reported she has been under harassment , at the end of the day we looked back and thanks god that he brings what’s the better in us , and pray to keep up to continue together till we are all free .

We hear about pro-Mubarak group. And this group some are riding camels and horses attacked to the protesters yesterday. Why did they ride camels and horses in a such attack? It could be a detail but what does this mean?
It’s an act of terror , aimed to terrorize the protesters and make them feel fear for their lives , families as many of the protesters has his families with him at the Tahrir square . It was very cheap shot from very stupid regime used to terrorize people to insure his dictatorship way safety . we take that also as a sign of desperation of the regime . and we don’t accept their “ the regime “ fake apology , as we all believe they are sorry for that media captured the attack not for the death or terror they did , as we also believe they will try new things especially when they terrorize the media and press personal away from the Tahrir square .

Do you follow the echoes of your freedom rally in the world ?
Yes , when i see those rally for us in here in Egypt on the news , i feel happy , excited , proud and power . it give us faith that we are not alone fighting , and many support us empower us to not give up and continue fighting for our freedom , protesting and standing up till this corrupted un-human regime run away . I believe as may do , this is the best support we could have ever from our friends , families all over the world especially in Turkey .

What is your message to world ?
Thank you for your outstanding support , you made us feel we are not alone again , Don’t forget us from your prayers .

One last word , i have transfer some injured people to the hospital , and treat some , i can’t ever forget the young babies who were suffering from the tearing gas those animals through at home , and that brave young man in my own town who died instantly soon as those the police started to shot on us . As i remember how they treat my friends in-front of my eyes when they were arresting them , i believed those injured i had is nothing and i feel jealous of those who died somehow , but most importantly i decided to not go back or surrender to fear again or give up my freedom which we get back on Jan 25 2011 .

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