Video : Alexandria terminated Demonstration by police jan 26

Alexandria, Egypt
Jan 26\1:40 – 4:00 PM

the police forces succeeded at terminating a spark for a large demonstration today in Alexandria Egypt,

the number nearly reached 150 in less than 3 mins & that was the life span of the demon.
as the protesters were following police orders & direction, they lead them towards an ambush the whole process took 5 mins since it all started till they arrested about 60% deleted all the mobiles cameras data , i saved myself & my data miraculously,

the protesters was shouting (revolution till victory, down with Mubarak, you freedom where are you … the forces stands between us, dear families join us)

also there was a shout (peaceful, peaceful,peaceful) pointing that their demonstration has nothing to do with irresponsible actions.

that was the only confirmed demonstration so far as the forces were extremely prepared

eye witness

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