Video : US Egyptians call for Mubarak to resign. US protest agains Mubarak

use this to bypass the blocks put by the Zionist Mubarak Regime and it’s minions
People can access twitter, facebook in Egypt from

and also on mobiles from its apps


A demonstration was held outside the Egyptian embassy in Washington as part of Egypt’s ‘Day of Revolt’ to protest state repression, corruption, and economic hardships.

Tens of thousands of people have also poured into the streets of cities throughout Egypt to call for a Tunisia-like revolution and were met with tear gas and water hoses by law enforcement forcers. According to protesters, government reactions to dissent
are yet another example of the brutal police state run by President Hosni Mubarak.

Hana Elhattab of the Egyptian Association for Change says the Tunisian revolution was a catalyst for the mass demonstrations taking place throughout Egypt and around the world against the Egyptian government.

Senior Program Officer Sherif Mansour of Freedom House shed light on U.S. relations with the Mubarak regime and what role they would like the U.S. to play in Egypt’s future.

For now, protesters have hope that the momentum of Tunisia’s revolution will continue to influence the Egyptian people and perhaps lead to similar changes.
#egypt #Jan25

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